SINCE 1978


PR Rubino was founded by entrepreneur Vincenzo Rubino in 1978. In the following years, Carmen and Attilio Rubino developed the company and made it a leader in the design, production and customization of simple and synchronous CONVEYOR BELTS for the field of automatic machines and Industrial Automation in general.

In its third generation, with Federico Rubino, the company is consolidated as a worldwide operating business able to offer not only excellence of totally Italian products, but also problem solving skills to develop custom solutions together with clients and assistance in all phases of project implementation.
Strengthened by the synergy with its sister company Vision Tech, which has been manufacturing timing belts since 1997, Pr Rubino has now more than 45 employees located in 4 production sites in Italy, testing laboratories and R&D labs. Vision Tech is one of 5 companies for the production of continuous ring timing belts.


Owner – R&D – Problem Solving


Charter of values and
business code of ethics

Aware of the importance of ethical and moral approach, all PR RUBINO personnel comply with current laws and regulations.
Our ethics and morals require us to operate with honesty, loyalty, reliability, confidentiality, fairness, responsibility to the community, mutual respect, dignity, anti-corruption, quality in the products and services we offer, fairness in the exercise of authority, impartiality, environmental protection, safety in the workplace, transparency in all aspects, demanding the same behavior from all parties we do business with.




SharkDrive and EasyWhale

SharkDrive and EasyWhale represent two innovative conveyor and process belts that through the application of toothed guides result in the synchronous belts family. This new generation of products enables the synchronization of conveyor belts in industrial automation processes and serves as slaves to robots. The indisputable value of these patented conveyor and process belts came to light during a symposium held at Ucima's headquarters in Baggiovara, Modena, Italy, in 2012. In fact, through the use of a technical report, the substantial difference between conveyor belts without guiding profiles and synchronious conveyor belts produced and patented by PR Rubino emerged.



Building on their experiences in the production of conveyor and timing belts, PR Rubino and Visiontech work together as the Rubino Group to develop technological innovations and better meet customers' needs.

Therefore, we have created a web platform where you can find Video Tutorials, Case Histories and Institutional Videos of our companies and products.


The Rubino Group's business activities are complemented by its work toward the community: we annually support the Associazione Onconauti and the Associazione Clown 2.0 ODV, which are concerned with the welfare and improvement of the lives of long-suffering cancer patients and children who are hospitalized or in distressed situations.