PR Rubino is specialized in the design, manufacturing and technical assistance of timing belts for synchronous transport and transmission of power.

PR Rubino is one of the six companies in the world specialized in the production of polyurethane truly endless flex timing belts.

The Company is daily committed to provide its customers with the best products and know-how in production processes.

The numerous innovative patents and the constant commitment to R&D have enabled PR Rubino to become a leading company among the manufacturers of accessories for automatic machines.

PR Rubino Management establishes the company strategies, aware of the necessity of an integrated vision in which “quality” and problem solving are fundamental to all the other aspects that contribute to outline the strategies themselves.

Innovation, Problem Solving, Quality, Environment and Safety are the overall commitment that PR Rubino assumes towards customers, workers and the environment. In order to comply with this commitment, a Quality Management System has been activated in accordance with the standard:

• UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

In 2021 PR Rubino will also implement the Code of Ethics and the Organizational and Management Model according to the Italian Legislative Decree 231/01.

The principles and objectives of the Company Policy are: continuous innovation, problem solving, customer satisfaction, attention to safety at work and respect for the environment with a view to continuous improvement.

Since PR Rubino intends to develop its structure and keep it always updated, the purposes of its Corporate Policy are:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Constant respect for the environment and safety at work;
  • Effective management of company processes and optimization of internal organization;
  • Retention of internal and external coworkers;

To this end, PR Rubino is committed to:

  • maintaining the respect of the Laws and regulations in force regarding the environment, safety at work and safety in the industry;
  • adopting and maintain an effective Quality Management System in the processes, products, services within the context in which it operates, in compliance with the legal requirements of applicable regulations and in compliance with other requirements that the company decides to voluntarily subscribe to;
  • keeping the Quality and Safety Management System active by adapting it to future organizational, structural or regulatory changes;
  • defining the responsibilities assigned to all corporate functions by verifying that they are understood and applied;
  • ensuring the availability of the resources, information and knowledge necessary for the operation and control of the processes, through periodic education and training activities aimed at informing employees about the relevance and importance of its activities and how they contribute to the achievement of the defined goals;
  • defining and disseminating clear documented information to ensure the effective and efficient operation of processes and the control of the products, also in terms of health and safety at work and environmental issues;
  • understanding and strengthening the relationship with Customers and other stakeholders, improving their satisfaction through products and performance that meet their expectations;
  • increasing and maintaining the professionalism of its employees;
  • assessing and monitoring its business risks according to its environment and activities;
  • carrying out inspections to measure the implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and its compliance with the current Policy, ensuring the implementation of appropriate corrective actions.
  • motivating, empowering and sensitizing internal and external collaborators to continuous improvement;
  • maintaining verified supplier reliability;
  • identifying the needs for technological innovation in order to develop new products and processes according to market expectations;
  • monitoring and reducing injuries and accidents caused by internal activities, where possible;
  • monitoring carefully and punctually the management of its own atmospheric emissions and waste;
  • adapting its risk assessment to organizational and regulatory changes;
  • using Petzl technique to identify the most effective solutions to manage and mitigate the risks detected in the internal and external environment.
  • ensuring cooperation with public authorities and control bodies;
  • preventing and promptly managing any possible environmental or safety emergency through the application of prevention and intervention procedures;

PR Rubino Board of Directors supports the Company Policy as stated for the pursuit of its objectives and continuous improvement.

The work of sensitization and involvement of all personnel regarding the objectives is carried out through meetings, communications, posters and anything else deemed appropriate and effective.


Aware of the importance of the ethical and moral approach, all the personnel of PR Rubino respect the laws and regulations in force.

Our ethics and morals require us to operate with HONESTY, FAIRNESS, RELIABILITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, CORRECTNESS, RESPONSIBILITY towards the community, mutual RESPECT, DIGNITY, FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION, QUALITY of the products and of the services we offer, FAIRNESS of the exercised authority, IMPARTIALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, SAFETY in the workplace, TRANSPARENCY in all aspects, demanding the same behavior from all those people with whom we do business.


As a Group, we aim to meet the following 10 items:

1) to provide the technical advice relevant to the interests of our customers;

2) to improve the performance of our machines;

3) to improve the energy saving of our machines;

4) to reduce downtime and consequently maintenance costs;

5) to reduce the loads exerted on the conveyor structure;

6) to reduce the use of raw materials in the manufacturing of the carpentry.

7) to reduce design costs;

8) to increase hygiene safety;

9) To help our customers and partners remain competitive in the global market;

10) to help our customers and partners in the resolution of problems that are detected in the after-sale (even if generated by external factors) and that affect the proper functioning of our products.