We design, manufacture and customize innovative belt conveyors to offer increased performance of automatic machines and cost reduction. The Rubino Group, formed by the synergy of its two companies Vision Tech and PR Rubino, represents one of the leading companies in the field of industrial automation and packaging. Twenty years of experience, continuous investment in research and development and the filing of 19 patents have enabled the group to develop innovative solutions in the field of product conveying using special timing belts and synchronous conveyor belts. Convytwist, Attilio Rubino's latest creation, is a belt-driven product conveyor that is extremely adaptable to every need. In the motion field it offers high performance and reliability thanks to the modularity of the structure, the orientability and the containment of the product in the advancement making it easier to connect the different machines of the same packaging line or in the end of the line. In the control area, the reliability of product advancement, generated by the use of synchronized plies via Sharkdrive guides, makes it possible to also associate conveying with functions necessary for product control and line monitoring. The modularity and reliability of Convytwist, reduces design hours across the entire line, decreases after-sales intervention, and provides PR Group support during design, development, and after-sales phases. The use of Convytwist belt conveyors lowers costs and improves product and company performance.