Trasportatori a nastro sincronizzati



Innotwist is a twist tilting conveyor belt capable of tilting the conveyed product 90° or 180° even in tight spaces. The technology of these belts lies in the use of our Easywhale guiding profiles, Sharkdrive synchronous guides, and Dolphine toothed belts that ensure perfect centering of the conveyor belt by lowering the winding diameters. Depending on the type of product to be tilted, the belt can be designed in different materials, made with customized outer surface, and accessorized with openable joints, cleats, sidewalls and surface coatings. The use of a single double-helix conveyor belt for tipping a product ensures perfect synchronization of product advancement. The use of a single tilting conveyor belt allows the use of a single motorized roller.

  • Fast tilting speed even in confined spaces
  • Single motorization for product synchronization
  • Quick assembly and disassembly thanks to Easyopen openable joints