Convytwist is an innovative conveyor highly adaptable to every need, capable of delivering high performance and automatic machines reliability. Its modular structure, maneuverability, and product containment during advancement simplify the connection between different machines in the same packaging line or at the end of the line itself. The product’s reliable advancement, achieved through the use of synchronous belts via Sharkdrive guides, allows the integration of product control and line monitoring functions. The modularity and reliability of Convytwist reduce the hours of overall line design, decrease post-sale interventions, and include the support of PR Rubino during the design, development, and post-sale phases. The use of Convytwist conveyors reduces costs and enhances both product and company performance.

  • Better performance compared to traditional mechanical tilters
  • Synchronization of the conveyed product
  • Reduction in design hours and costs
  • Modular assembly